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The most beautiful hanging baskets at the lowest prices you will find anywhere!

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Weekly Specials

Christmast Trees, Wreaths, Kissing Balls, Swags and Centerpieces
We have a great variety of beautiful plants throughout the growing season, and we usually offer a number of limited availability or reduced price products.
Please come see us or check these pages for specific discounts or limited availability plants and other offers.
  1. Individual Pots
    We have beautiful, healthy annuals, perennials and vegetables throughout the growing season. These vigorous plants are ready to thrive in your garden.
  2. Hanging Baskets
    Sunset Hill Farms has the largest variety of hanging baskets in the area. You will have hundreds to choose from in spring through late summer. In addition to the single baskets, we have lots of mixed varieties available. We have basket arrangements that will thrive in the full sun, to species that do well brightening up shady areas.
  3. Berries
    You will find a great variety of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Available selection varies with the season, but we often have healthy berry plants ready to plant well into the fall. These are hardy, vigorous varieties that we grow in our own gardens as well. We are always pleased to share planting and ongoing care tips.
  4. Fruit Trees
    At Sunset Hill Farms you will find a wide selection of fruit trees that do well in the climate and soil conditions of the Champlain Valley. We have a number of popular species including apple, cherry, peach in hardy, disease-resistant varieties. We can help you decide on your best tree options based on your current garden situation as well as the type of fruit desired.